Bought: Bibs

Sloth or Llama Silocone Bib by modern Twist

Fritz’s Aunt Hannah and Uncle Arthur gifted him a Modern Twist bib for Christmas. Fritz has the sloth, but I’m thinking he needs the llama. These bibs are my favorite, not only because they make mealtime a bit more fun, but because they wear so well. The silicone is soft (no hard edges) and really does catch (almost) every drop of food. We throw Fritz’s in the dishwasher and it has held up so well. They are a bit more of an investment than the bibs you will find at a big box store ($20), but they are also a lot cuter!

Gathre Toddler Bib Bib Regular price$14.00 Pretty meets practical with our wipeable vegan leather bibs

For on the go we use one of these Gathre bibs. I call it Fritz’s butcher bib, because that is what is reminds me of! It folds up very small, so it fits perfectly in a diaper bag. It wipes clean easily and looks pretty darling as well! Fritz has the Tanin color!

BONUS: These floor cushions are on my wishlist for when we complete Fritz’s playroom in the basement.